Assessing Your Company’s Cybersecurity Risk: How Proper Communication With the C-Suite Will Lead to Good Decisions Around Technology and Cyber Security

There are three reasonable things to do with any risk a business faces: accept it as-is, mitigate down to an acceptable level, or insure against it. Unfortunately, many companies see risks as complex as cyber security to be so challenging that they choose a 4th option: sticking their head in the sand and hoping that nothing bad happens.

My presentation will teach business leaders:

  • How to assess the cyber risks in their industry relative to other business risks.
  • How to make rational decisions on which risks to accept, which to mitigate, and which to insure against.
  • How to make presentations to C-suite executives on technology topics, even if the presenter is not a technologist as their profession.

This presentation will focus on ideas to engage the hearts and minds of executives on topics that are too often overlooked in board room discussions.

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