Innovation Through Cyber Security: How to Gain the Competitive Edge While Your Competition is Snoozing

Wannacry. Petya. Ransomware. Spearphishing. Equifax. GDPR.

These terms have made headlines around the world. Companies have been caught in the crossfire, from cyberattacks launched by one government against another, to also having to be vigilant in keeping customers’ data safe or risk fines as a result of new privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Turning a blind eye and hoping that your company will not be a victim is no longer an option. The threat is real.

So is the opportunity. Companies can start using cybersecurity as a competitive advantage, not a necessary evil. Want to know how? Bryce Austin has written a book on the topic. Through the judicious use of technology, companies are using cybersecurity to gain an edge that leaves their competitors scrambling to catch up.

How can we bring these concepts to life for you and your team?

People need to feel the message, not just hear it. Join me in this keynote session as we examine spectacular in-car racing footage for signs to detect, react, prevent and mitigate life safety issues on the racetrack. Then we will apply those techniques to the business world and see how cybersecurity can be a competitive advantage to your organization.

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